If you want hands on coding training, this course isn't for you.

Instead, this course will give you the building blocks to learn how to learn about code and data. This fundamental skill will give you the ability to tackle any size or shape code & data project.

You'll work through the exact curriculum I followed myself when learning this skill.

If you're a professional who wants to learn what it takes to work with code and data, with a focus on analytics, then you're the right student for this course.

Hi, I’m Dan

I'm an engineer at Palantir, working directly with some of the US's most important organizations on solving their hardest data problems.

I graduated from college knowing nothing about data and programming. I started my career in operations, but through trial and error, taught myself enough about programming, data and analytics to make a career out of it.

I want to share how I learned how to learn these skills so that you can leverage code & data in any part of your work!

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